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Network Provider Newsletter - July 2019


It is hard to believe that we have completed our first year of operation as a CCO/Health Home. 

In a rather short period of time we went from 25 employees in June 2018 to more than 1,000 employees supporting 26,500 individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and their families across 30 counties in New York. 

It has been an amazing yet challenging year of transition for all of us, and we recognize the toll it took on many of our provider agencies as these changes took place. We want to take this time to thank each of you for weathering the storm.  


Who is Provider Relations & Network Development? 

The mission of the Provider Relations & Network Development team at Care Design NY is  

to create an engaged, high performing, integrated network of care delivery providers that are aligned with Care Design NY’s overall mission: to assist individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities to attain the supports and services they need to live a quality life. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about the purpose of Provider Relations & Network Development and how we assist and support the organizations in our provider network.



Care Design NY Provider Engagement Survey

Thank you to those of you who participated in our Provider Engagement Survey.  The survey is now closed and the results are in, and the data and feedback we received is currently being assessed and evaluated.  We look forward to sharing the results with you, and to sharing plans and next-steps in the areas where change, development or improvement is needed. Stay tuned!  If you have further input or questions about the survey, or were not able to complete it, please contact provider relations at


Did you know it was Minority Mental Health Awareness Month?  


July was designated in 2008 as "Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, to raise awareness and shed light on the many challenges vulnerable populations face when accessing care. According to NADD (an association for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and mental health needs), “…stress is a risk factor for mental health problems. Persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities experience negative social conditions throughout the life span that contribute to excessive stress. These negative social conditions include social rejection, stigmatization, and the lack of acceptance in general. Social support and coping skills can buffer the effect of stress on mental health.”  

Care Design NY encourages you to help shift the stigma related to Mental Health within vulnerable communities by continuing the conversation and raising awareness while connecting to supports and services.    If your organization provides a service or program that supports mental health and wellness , or if you know of an organization that does, we'd love to learn more and share your information!  Contact the Care Design NY Provider Relations team at


Provider Spotlights


With over 900 care managers across NYS, the Care Design NY Provider Relations team offers monthly Provider Spotlights for our care management teams to learn more about our network providers and the services they offer.

Provider spotlight info: 

  • Providers will participate in the spotlight most appropriate to their geographic region – upstate or downstate. 
  • Providers will have the ability to speak for 30 minutes on their organization, programs/services & referral requirements. 
  • Format of the spotlight is web-based and  coordinated by a Care Design NY Provider Relations team member 
Please email if your organization is interested in participating.


Managed Care Corner

Is your agency providing CFCO services? The services listed below are new services being added as options for the Community First Choice Options (CFCO). They also overlap with services being provided under the 1915(c) waiver. 

In January 2020, these services will be allowable with Medicaid managed care plans. If your agency or organization is

providing these services, it will be impacted by this change. Care Design NY distributed a survey to I/DD providers to better understand the programs and service types your organization provides and we have provided some links below for trainings/more information. 


CFCO services that overlap with 1915(c) waiver services: 

·  Assistive Technology 

·  Environmental Modification 

·  Vehicle modification 

·  Moving assistance 

·  Community Transitional Services 

·  Skills Acquisition Maintenance & Enhancement (SAME) (Community Habilitation).

Helpful resources related to CFCO Services:

DOH Medicaid Redesign CFCO 


Network Newsflash

Monthly updates and important information 
for your organization as a Care Design NY Network Provider:

Unite Us Pilot 

Care Design NY is excited to announce that it is joining the ADK Wellness Connections and Healthy Together coordinated referral networks, powered by Unite Us. Unite Us is an outcome-focused technology company that builds coordinated care networks of health and human service providers. They help providers efficiently deliver care by seamlessly integrating the social determinants of health.   Participation in the network is free, as is training for staff at your organizations.   Further information about this exciting new initiative  will be distributed in the coming weeks to organizations in the Care Design NY network that provide I/DD services.

"Whom do I contact when..." Information now Available 

Although we try our best to make sure every person we support has contact information for their care manager, we recognize that when a person presents at your organization, hospital or agency they may not always know who to call.  CLICK HERE for a helpful guide to assist you and your staff in contacting the appropriate person or office in a variety of scenarios.


Network Provider Resources

Provider Spotlight Archives - Helpful Documents - Webinars


Do you have questions or feedback?  

We'd love to hear from you!  
Contact Care Design NY Provider Relations 

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(518) 235-1888 or (877) 855-3673 for an Emergency after hours.

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