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Provider Newsletter - June 22, 2020


Care Design NY’s Statement on Racial Injustice

On June 8th, Care Design NY’s CEO, Jim Moran, sent a message to members and families addressing the tragic deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, most recently George Floyd, and numerous others who have fallen victim to many horrific injustices and systemic racism in our society.  
Care Design NY’s leadership team stated they are supportive in upholding the values that cherish diversity and inclusion. In the letter to members and families, Jim states, “We have a responsibility to use our voices and face systemic problems head on where we find them and create an even more inclusive culture.”  CLICK HERE to read the full statement. 

CLICK HERE for an FAQ on current protests and racial injustice recently posted by  California’s State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD). The document is a useful tool to promote tolerance across communities.

For questions, more information or how you can help advocate, contact:  

Advocate for Care Coordination
Organizations/Health Homes (CCO/HHs) 
CCO/HH services are in jeopardy! New York State’s Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) recently announced a historic $75 million (16%) annual gross funding cut to Care Coordination Organizations (CCOs). The cuts, which are proposed to take effect July 1, 2020, will lead to dramatic reductions in CCO services. Please act and tell Governor Cuomo to stop the cuts. CLICK HERE to take action. 


Unite Us launches Unite NYC Coordinated Care Network 

Care Design NY is collaborating with Unite NYC, a coordinated care network that connects health and social service organizations through a shared technology platform, Unite Us, to send and receive trackable, coordinated, electronic referrals.  

CLICK HERE for the full article on Care Design NY's collaboration with Unite NYC.

Care Design NY Training and Education for Providers

Managed Care Training Offerings 
The Care Design NY Network Development and Provider Relations team offers many training opportunities for the provider community. As the field continues to move towards managed care for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD), Care Design NY is committed to developing and implementing trainings on this topic.  

The Care Design NY Network Development and Provider Relations team can assist in developing a tailored training program to meet the needs of your organization to explain the transition to managed care, its goals and overall value. Interested organizations should contact the Network Development and Provider Relations team at: to learn more.  

Informational Video on the IAM Assessment and Life Plan 
Care Design NY recently produced a video for member, family and advocates that speaks to the importance of the I AM Assessment and its relationship to the Life Plan, a comprehensive person-centered service plan that meets a person's needs, overarching safeguards and life goals.

CLICK HERE to view the video. 

Care Design NY Webinar:
Handling SNAP Benefits When Supporting Individuals at Home 
Care Design NY is hosting an informational session for residential I/DD providers who are supporting individuals at home during the COVID-19 crisis on June 25, 2020 at 1:00 PM to clarify the rules and responsibilities around handling individuals’ SNAP benefits during extended home visits.   Kristina Cunningham, Director of Benefits and Entitlements, will review the  policies  regulations governing the use of SNAP benefits for people in residential settings to assist providers in navigating this confusing time, and will discuss the options available to providers in their efforts to support individuals in this area based on guidance recently issued by OPWDD.  

CLICK HERE to register . 


COVID-19 Updates and Provider Resources

OPWDD Resumes Visitation at group homes and residential facilities 
On Friday, June 19th,  OPWDD resumed visitation at  certified group homes and residential facilities. Providers and visitors are required to follow specific protocols and guidelines which OPWDD will share. CLICK HERE for the most recent guidance from OPWDD.  

A Message from OPWDD regarding SSI/SSDI/SNAP & Personal Allowance 
Pursuant to Social Security regulations, representative payees must use an individual’s SSI or
 SSDI benefits to provide for the individual’s current needs such as food, clothing, housing,
medical care and personal comfort items, or for reasonably foreseeable needs if the person’s current needs are met.   
  • If an OPWDD served individual, who would normally live in a residence run by a certified agency, has remained with family during the COVID-19 emergency and the family as representative payee is using the funds for the person’s current needs, this is within the scope of the representative payee’s responsibilities. Nothing in OPWDD guidelines prevents residential providers from negotiating a room and board payment for less than the maximum provider payment with the representative payee.  
  • If the residential agency is the representative payee, the agency should continue to follow Social Security and OPWDD guidelines, especially in the use, provision of and accounting for personal allowance.   
  • If the individual is on leave from the residence for an extended period during the COVID-19 emergency, the residential agency should ensure the individual has their CBIC (Common Benefit Identification Card) with them as the CBIC is used to access Medicaid and SNAP benefits, which should be used only for the individual. Please contact your local Department of Social Services (in NYC, call 311), should a new card need to be issued.   
Residential billing for retainer days is contained in other OPWDD guidance at:   

Governor Cuomo Issues Executive Order Related to In-Person Special Education 
On June 5th, Governor Cuomo issued an Executive Order that will allow necessary in-person special education instruction this summer for students with disabilities. Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara issued a statement on the order which can be found here.  

Federal Communications Commission’s COVID-19 Telehealth Program  
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted the COVID-19 telehealth program on April 2, 2020. The program was established in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and will distribute $200 million dollars to help healthcare providers implement telehealth services to patients in response. CLICK HERE for more information and FAQ on the program.

Provider Spotlights – COVID-19 Supports & Services 

Care Design NY spotlights organizations providing unique and innovative services and/or supports to individuals with I/DD during the COVID-19 pandemic. If your organization is providing services such as telemedicine, food delivery or other virtual supports and you want to showcase these efforts to Care Design NY care managers in your region, please CLICK HERE to  fill out the questionnaire.

NOTE: Information related to COVID -19 is rapidly changing. This newsletter is up to date as of today, 6/22/2020. For additional information, please visit the provider resource page.


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Care Design NY wants to ensure contact information is up to date for all agency partners. If your agency has experienced changes in departmental or executive oversight, please let us know by filling out the agency demographic form.  


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