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Network Provider Newsletter - August 2019


Care Design NY Provider Survey 
Results & Next Steps   

Thank you to those who participated in the Care Design NY Provider Survey!  We have worked together internally to analyze your responses and comments in order to come up with next steps on how we can better support our provider community.  

Summary of Survey Results:  
  • The survey was sent to over 400 contacts across our provider network. 
  • The survey was sent to all provider types: I/DD, healthcare, Behavioral Health & CBOs 
  • There were 36 questions, and a Likert scale of 1-5 was utilized (1=strongly disagree & 5 = strongly agree) 
  • In total, we received 99 respondents across 77 unique organizations 
3 Highest Scores: 
  • I would recommend other providers to join the Care Design NY Provider network 
  • I know who to contact if my organization receives a referral from Care Design NY
  • The Provider Relations Department is: friendly, knowledgeable and helpful 

Identified areas of focus:

  • Continue to improve upon the life plan process 
  • Continue to work towards keeping providers informed about the people they are supporting 
  • Identify a follow-up process as it relates to referrals to a provider agency

Next Steps & Action Items:  

We are committed to working on the identified focus areas to better serve the individuals we support and enhance our partnership with our provider organizations. We plan to review in more detail the steps we plan to take on the above areas, so please keep a look out for an invitation to register for our Care Design NY Provider Webinar which will be held in September.  

In the meantime, we want to highlight a few items for each area of focus that we have been working to improve.

Continue to improve upon the life plan process: There is an expectation at Care Design NY that care managers will not only bring a draft of the Life Plan to the Life Plan meeting, but also distribute in advance of the meeting so all parties have time to review in advance. 

Care Design NY launched a Quality Life Plan Review work-group tasked with development of a process to ensure our resulting Life Plans reflect a true quality plan. A companion tool was developed for care managers and supervisors to use in their development and review of the Life Plans. 

We have been holding various in person trainings related to Medisked (Care Design NY electronic record) across all Care Design NY regions to ensure comprehension of the system.

Care Design NY launched a Life Plan Mentor program where care managers who are skilled in the use of the IAM and development of the Life Plans are paired with care managers who may need additional support. 

Continue to work towards keeping providers informed about the people they are supporting: Care Design NY will work to incorporate a training focused on communication with providers – this will go beyond the life plan process and set expectations for care managers as it relates to communication with our provider network in general.  

Identify a follow-up process as it relates to referrals to a provider agency: Care Design NY is working to enhance our current operating procedures as it relates to referrals to provider agencies and will ensure that proper follow-up is addressed and trained upon.  More details are to come.


A Message from Care Design NY Care Management

Update on Life  Plan Completion for 2019

In the transition from Individualized Service Plans (ISPs) to Life Plans, we appreciate the support and flexibility of the individuals, families and providers we work with as this system change has had some challenges.  

Care Design NY has completed the large majority of Life Plans for its enrollees but we still have a significant number to complete by the end of the year.   As we advised providers on our last Provider Webinar held on June 25, 2019, Care Design NY care managers have been focused on scheduling out Life Plan meetings  for all individuals it supports who need a published life plan by the end of 2019.  We are working to have meetings completed by the end of October (or no later than early November) to allow adequate time for finalization of plans. This  will require flexibility on the part of providers as we are working in  a tight timeline this last quarter of 2019.  

We greatly appreciate the assistance of our provider partners as this is truly a team effort and we recognize that it is a workload challenge for provider representatives as well as care managers.  Please reach out to the Care Design NY care manager, Supervisor or a member of the Care Management leadership team with any questions or concerns.   


How Prevalent is Mental Illness in the I/DD Community?  


According to the NADD (an association for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and mental health needs) “Information on Dual Diagnosis,” persons with a dual diagnosis (mental health and intellectual/development disabilities) can be found at all ages and levels of intellectual and adaptive functioning. Estimates of the frequency of dual diagnosis vary widely, however, many professionals have adopted the estimate that 30-35% of all persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities have a psychiatric disorder. The full range of psychopathology that exists in the general population also can co-exist in persons who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. 

The causes of the increased vulnerability to mental health problems in persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities are not well understood. Several factors have been suggested. Stress is a risk factor for mental health problems. Persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities experience negative social conditions throughout their life span that contribute to excessive stress. These negative social conditions include social rejection, stigmatization, and the lack of acceptance in general. Social support and coping skills can buffer the effect of stress on mental health. In persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, limited coping skills associated with language difficulty, inadequate social supports, and a high frequency of central nervous system impairment, all contribute to the vulnerability of developing mental health problems.  

How can we help best serve the community?  Let’s continue to raise awareness and do our research to understand the populations’ needs. We can help by connecting individuals to their care managers, primary care physicians, and behavioral health supports in the community. As we’re moving towards person-centered care, we want to continue providing support to assist individuals to live a healthy and full life, holistically!  


Provider Webinar

Care Design NY Provider Relations is pleased to offer Provider Webinars as one of many regularly-occurring information sessions as we continue to grow the Care Design NY provider network.

The September 2019 Provider Webinar on Tuesday, September 24 at 1:00 PM, will mainly focus on the recent Provider Engagement Survey results, your comments and suggestions as Care Design NY Providers, and our next steps on how we can better support our provider community.


Managed Care Corner

Looking for a crash course on Value Based Payments? DOH’s Value Based Payment University (VBP U) is a great place to start! The sessions are all pre-recorded and were designed to be an academic resource to raise awareness, knowledge and expertise on VBP. You can find more information HERE


Network Newsflash

Monthly updates and important information 
for your organization as a Care Design NY Network Provider:

Who do I call? 

Do you have a compliance related concern or question? Please contact one of the following people to better assist you.  

Do you have other concerns or questions and are unsure of who to contact? Please reach out to Provider Relations – we can point you in the right direction
Email us at  

Unite Us Pilot 

Care Design NY announced last month our partnership with ADK Wellness Connections and HealthyTogether coordinated referral network and are happy to report that our pilot is moving forward!  On August 14th, 20 care managers and other Care Design NY staff participated in a training on the Unite Us platform. Unite Us is an outcome-focused technology company that builds coordinated care networks of health and human services provider. 

We are currently testing its capabilities as an option for an electronic referral platform in hopes referrals coming to and from Care Design NY are seamless, effective and integrated within our provider network! The care managers and other staff recently trained on the platform will go-live with the pilot on August 26th! Stay tuned for updates and please reach out to Courtney Ortiz - - with any questions. Want to learn more about Unite Us, ADK Wellness or the HealthyTogether Network? Visit | | 

If you know your organization is interested in joining and would like to expedite the process, you can reach out directly via the Healthy Together Partner Interest Form (for organizations in Albany, Fulton, Montgomery, Rensselaer, Schenectady, and southern Saratoga counties) or the ADK Wellness Connections Partner Interest Form (for organizations in Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Fulton, Hamilton, St. Lawrence, Warren, Washington,and northern Saratoga Counties). 


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