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Network Provider Newsletter - June 2019


Care Design NY is quickly approaching our one-year mark of service delivery with our transition to the CCO/HH model. 

In honor of this anniversary, here is a look back at the transition & what’s to come: 

Pre July 2018:
Medicaid Service Coordinators (MSCs) employed by DD provider agencies coordinate the I/DD specific services for individuals supported via oversight of the Individualized Services Plan (ISP) 

July 2018: The CCO/HH model is live & Care Design NY services launched.  CDNY was created with the partnership with 70 agencies specializing in I/DD services and supports. MSCs from these various agencies transitioned on July 1, 2018 to care management employment. Now, not only are care managers coordinating all DD services for the individuals they support, but also services related to their healthcare, behavioral health, community needs and more.    

Focus for 2019:
  • Continue: dedication and investment in our workforce who support our members and their families. 

  • Life Plans completed for all of our members. 

  • Increase growth of our regional Advisory Boards, made up of individuals and family advocates, to identify, prioritize and solve challenges with Care Design NY to makes us the best we can be. 

  • Continue to foster transparent and informative communication with individuals and family advocates by holding information sessions throughout the year in various regions. 

  • Begin to hire self-advocates and family advocates as ombudsman within Care Design NY to support other self-advocates and family advocates, as well as to work with our other staff on various initiatives.

  • Identify and begin problem-solving, service gaps for our members with service providers and fiscal intermediaries. 

  • Continue to grow, diversify, and integrate the Care Design NY network of providers.  

  • Increase Care Design NY's presence in the I/DD, healthcare, behavioral health, and community-based services environments to more effectively integrate the I/DD population into the care delivery system.

  • Continue to support our I/DD service providers in using the Life Plan and other CCO transition considerations. 

  • Educate, inform, and prepare Care Design NY’s stakeholders for the transition to Managed Care.


Care Design NY recognizes Pride Month and the members of the  LGBTQ+ community.

“The beauty of standing up for your rights is others see you standing and stand up as well."                                                                                                                   - Cassandra Duffy, Author  

Happy Pride Month! As an organization that sates as part of its mission a commitment to assisting individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities "to live a quality life," CDNY stands in celebration of Pride Month, for the LGBTQ+ Community, and for the organizations and programs throughout New York State that support and educate this often overlooked community within the I/DD world we serve. 

Nearly 74% of people living with I/DD do not have knowledge of LGBTQ+ issues, while others may have greater difficulty accepting or discussing their sexuality or identity, and the supports and services necessary to address these obstacles can be difficult to find.

The Care Design NY Provider Relations team is committed to finding services and supports for ALL of the individuals we serve.  If your organization provides a service or program that supports the LGBTQ+ / I/DD community, or if you know of an organization that does, we'd love to learn more and share your information!  Contact the Care Design NY Provider Relations team at


Provider Spotlights

With over 900 care managers across NYS, the Care Design NY Provider Relations team offers monthly Provider Spotlights for our care management teams to learn more about our network providers and the services they offer.

Provider spotlight info: 

  • Providers will participate in the spotlight most appropriate to their geographic region – upstate or downstate. 
  • Providers will have the ability to speak for 30 minutes on their organization, programs/services & referral requirements 
  • Format of the spotlight is web-based and  coordinated by a Care Design NY Provider Relations team member 
Please email if your organization is interested in participating.


Managed Care Corner

The Managed Care Community of Practice i in I/DD is a project of the New York Alliance for Inclusion & Innovation to prepare the Intellectual and Developmental Disability Field in New York State for the transition to Managed Care

The MC-COP website is a useful resource in preparing the provider community for the transition to Managed Care. Their "Resources" page gives information on upcoming trainings, past Managed Care related webinar recordings, and other tools and resources.  This information informative for all types of healthcare and community based Organizations serving the I/DD population. 

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to check out the Managed Care Community of Practice HERE.  


Network Newsflash

Monthly updates and important information a
for your organization as a CDNY Network Provider:

Provider Engagement Survey is On Its Way!

Care Design NY values our network of integrated service providers & the valuable supports and resources you bring to the 26,000 & growing individuals we support. We are asking for your input & feedback on experiences with Care Design NY. Your feedback is critical to the success and mission of our organization. Watch for our survey in your inbox the coming days!

Coming soon in 2019!  

CDNY Managed Care Readiness grants to affiliated
I/DD service providers and the formation and development of an IPA.


Network Provider Resources

Provider Spotlight Archives - Helpful Documents - Webinars


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